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Become an IPA Mentor/Coach


The Illinois Principals Association is no longer accepting new mentors and coaches for the 2016-2017 school year.

Anyone interested in increasing their mentoring and coaching skills, or in becoming an IPA mentor or coach for the 2017-2018 school year should check back here in the Spring. At that point in time you may register to attend the comprehensive, year-long  Mentor and Coach Development Program which will provide full training, application of skills, and knowledge of real life coaching practices. 

Program Schedule

The year-long training program will include two face-to-face sessions (a two day session, and a one day session), two webinar sessions, and various types of interface and skill building each month.  Practice and application of skills will occur throughout the program, in addition to being provided tools and ongoing support.

  • Session 1 (face-to-face):  July 25-26, 2016 - Arboretum Club, Buffalo Grove  or August 9-10, 2016 - IPA Office, Springfield
  • Session 2 (webinar):  October 27, 2016 - Online
  • Session 3 (face-to-face):  January 18, 2017 - IPA Office, Springfield or January 26, 2017 - Arboretum Club, Buffalo Grove
  • Session 4 (webinar): April 27, 2017 - Online

Intersession activities will be conducted during the months between the sessions listed above, including short webinars, phone calls, and other brief interface activities. 

After completion of the year-long training program, ongoing support and skill development will be provided for IPA mentors and coaches to stay current in skills and knowledge. The IPA Mentor and Coach Continuing Development Program includes two required webinars for returning mentors and coaches which will be conducted :

  • Session 1 (webinar):  October 28, 2016 - Online
  • Session 2 (webinar): April 28, 2017 - Online


Program Fees

The fee for the entire Mentor and Coach Development Program is $199.  Included in this fee are the four sessions and related support in year one,  two webinars and support in subsequent years, and mentoring and coaching tools and resources.  If there are pending contracts,  eligible IPA mentors and coaches may be paid if matched to those services.  

Mentor and Coach Qualifications

The qualifications for becoming an IPA mentor or coach are similar but include distinctions for the roles of mentoring new principals and administrators versus coaching experienced principals and educational leaders.  Mentors will support new principals and administrators and must be experienced in and insightful as to the needs and abilities of new administrators. Coaches will support experienced principals, assistant and associate principals, and other administrators in attaining higher levels of performance.  Both roles will require the ability to assess the leaders skills and knowledge as well as performance needs and be able to utilize the appropriate mentoring or coaching approach, including direct, instructional, collaborative, or reflective.

Qualifications for Both Mentors and Coaches Include:

  1. IPA member
  2. Demonstrated high performance as an educational leader
  3. Exemplary experience in the role of the person to be mentored or coached or supervision and development of persons in that role
  4. Current knowledge and understanding of educational policies, procedures, practice, and research, including current work in school and educational organizations
  5. Exemplary communications skills, including the ability to motivate, support, and develop leaders
  6. High level of skill and experience in situational assessment, problem solving, goal setting, and strategic planning
  7. Involvement and leadership in local, state, or national professional organizations
  8. Availability to periodically meet with administrators or attend professional development activities and meetings during regular school hours
  9. Completion of the year-long IPA Mentor and Coach Training Program 
  10. Completion of requirements in subsequent years, which include maintaining current skills and knowledge of educational and coaching practices and participation in program webinars

Specific Requirements for Mentors Include:

  1. Experience in developing or supervising new principals or administrators
  2. Demonstrated knowledge of and experience in the beginning stages of organizational development under new leadership
  3. Know and be able to guide others in establishing daily routines and procedures for school operations, management, supervision, and teacher development
  4. Ability to give feedback in positive and constructive ways to push thinking to higher levels of vision and strategizing in order to create long term plans and results

Specific Requirements for Coaches Include:

  1. Experience in coaching and collaborating with experienced and high performing principals and administrators
  2. Demonstrated knowledge of and experience in moving established organizations to higher levels of performance (ranging from stagnated and underachieving organizations to highly successful organizations)
  3. Know and be able to coach others to attain distinguished levels of leadership
  4. Ability to map conversations in order to attain high levels of reflection and increase articulation of expected and unexpected outcomes and impact as well as to create sustainable strategies for change

Program Registration 

Registration for NEW IPA Mentor and Coach Development Program Participants, 2016-17

If you will be participating in the program for the first time, please complete the following:

  1.  Register for the program,session one, in either July (Buffalo Grove) or August (Springfield)  
  2.  Submit payment of $199, by credit card, check, or a PO (purchase order)

Registration for RETURNING IPA Mentor and Coaches, 2016-17

If you are a returning, eligible IPA mentor/coach, please complete the following:

  1. Ensure your IPA membership is current
  2. Complete the 2016-17 Mentor/Coach Background Information with your updated information
  3. Complete the 2016-17 Mentor/Coach Evidence of Current Knowledge and Practice

  4. Register and participate in the IPA Mentor and Coach Continuing Development Program

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